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AGK09 - Urfeind - Wraiþaz TAPE

  • AGK09 - Urfeind - Wraiþaz TAPE

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This release (as well as AGK09) will be available on January 21st, 2021 at exactly 00:00:00 CET, and will ONLY be available until 21:01:21 CET sharp that same day.

Note that this is NOT a pre-order. All orders will begin shipping the day after.
No more copies than those ordered within those 21 hours, 1 minute and 21 seconds will be available, as per the request of the band.

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Unrelenting Dark Germanic Heathen Black Metal from Germany.
This cassette tape version comes with an alternate design, layout, as well as an alternate mix, which will remain exclusive to this cassette tape version.

Professionally duplicated and printed cassette tapes with stickers.

- 2021. Avgrundsklanger.