AGK11 - Sünnel - Svatt as Kahl - Tüsken klammen Gras TAPE

  • AGK11 - Sünnel - Svatt as Kahl - Tüsken klammen Gras TAPE

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Sünnel is a channel of transporting the sensations instilled at places of great power in northern Germany, rock formations, megaliths and black chalk beneath your feet.
With either the glittering sun kissing your head, making you feel whole - or the rain and hail splashing in your face, mud on your hands and face, thunderstorms in the distance as your soul rides through the night with the dead.

Black schemes ripping through the clouds, watching you from the woods. Following you to your home, knocking on your windows. Runes carved in stones, witches dancing between the trees - foggy eyes, pale lips and grey skin.

This music isn't made to appeal to the masses. This is rural art, rural magic. Schemes and shadows, gnomes, witches, the one-eyed wanderer, lesser devils and black thurses following your every step. From the heath and moors to dry forests, mountains and ponds. This is old land - a land that is holy.

Recorded in 2017 and unreleased until now.

* Professionally duplicated on stickered white studio tapes, manufactured in Sweden.
* 200 gram matte finish J-cards.
* Limitation undisclosed as per the request of the band.

There will be no distributors for this release, and will only be available to purchase directly from Avgrundsklanger.

- 2021. Avgrundsklanger.


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