AGK12 - Viha - Niin Tulkoon Varjojen Maailma TAPE

  • AGK12 - Viha - Niin Tulkoon Varjojen Maailma TAPE

After three demo tapes, Avgrundsklanger now releases a brand new EP from Finnish Black Metal band Viha. Originally meant to be released as a 7" EP in 2020, the EP got stuck in the midst of the pandemic and its still-lasting effects on the vinyl industry, with no release date in sight.

The band asked to release a tape version of the EP in the meanwhile, until the 7" EP is available, and we of course obliged.

* Featuring an exclusive mix and master that is different from the one on the forth-coming 7" EP version.
* Professionally duplicated on black studio tapes manufactured in Sweden.
* Professionally printed stickers.
* Professionally printed 250 grams semi-matte cover.
* Includes an printed insert on 250 grams semi-matte paper with hand numbering.
* Limited to 47 hand numbered copies.

- 2022. Avgrundsklanger.


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