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AGK13 - Kiira / Svartsejd PRO-TAPE

  • AGK13 - Kiira / Svartsejd PRO-TAPE

Have you ever felt the Northern ice winds slash your face?
Have you ever felt the Eitr of Élivágar erode your arms?

Avgrundsklanger is proud to present yet another release that has been postponed for far too long, and as is the case with all releases that we have released now; the pandemic hindered the release from becoming a reality. Until now.

Kiira nor Svartsejd does not believe in compromises and corners being cut in regards to recordings, which were subsequently realized during the early summer of 2022. Both Kiira and Svartsejd contributes with one new song, each specifically written and recorded for this split, an idea dating back to 2016.

Initially planned to be out as a 7" EP release in 2020, this release along with the Viha EP has suffered the most in terms of delays in the catalogue of upcoming releases. We are now finally able to present this split as a professionally manufacutered and duplicated cassette tape.

As of this release and moving forward, Hrabnaz has taken over the position of vocalist for Kiira.

* Professionally duplicated tapes with professionally printed stickers.
* Professionally printed 250 gram cover.
* Limited to 66 hand numbered copies.

- 2022. Avgrundsklanger.