AGKCD01 - Kiira - Tulkoon Yö / Talviyö DIGIPAK CD

  • AGKCD01 - Kiira - Tulkoon Yö / Talviyö DIGIPAK CD
  • AGKCD01 - Kiira - Tulkoon Yö / Talviyö DIGIPAK CD
  • AGKCD01 - Kiira - Tulkoon Yö / Talviyö DIGIPAK CD
  • AGKCD01 - Kiira - Tulkoon Yö / Talviyö DIGIPAK CD
  • AGKCD01 - Kiira - Tulkoon Yö / Talviyö DIGIPAK CD

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Yksinoikeus-jakelu Suomessa:
Out of the Dungeon -

Avgrundsklanger is, after many requests for a CD version, proud to present the first Kiira album "Tulkoon Yö - Talviyö" in a digipak CD format.

Initially, the first album by Kiira was never meant to be released on CD, but after carefull re-consideration with the current second hand prices of the vinyl record in mind, as well as the cassette tape version, it was decided to once again make the material available to the public once again, this time in the format that has been most requested.

This lavish digipak CD features an exclusive remaster by Henri Sorvali that is not present on any other format of the album.

- 6 paneled hard stock 350gms full coloured digipak with matte finish.
- 12 page 200gms full coloured thick matte booklet.
- Remastered by Henri Sorvali exclusively for this CD edition.
- Partially revised and updated layout by Hrabnaz.

Limited to an undisclosed amount of copies.

Sample taken from the remaster on the CD here:

Can also be found at the following distributors:
Amor Fati Productions (GERMANY)
Darker Than Black (GERMANY)
Deviant Records (GERMANY)
Final Agony (USA)
Gramschap (BELGIUM)
Out of the Dungeon (FINLAND)
Signal Rex (PORTUGAL)

- 2021. Avgrundsklanger.


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