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AGKCD02 - Black Stench - Creeping Sorcery 2xCD

  • AGKCD02 - Black Stench - Creeping Sorcery 2xCD
  • AGKCD02 - Black Stench - Creeping Sorcery 2xCD
  • AGKCD02 - Black Stench - Creeping Sorcery 2xCD
  • AGKCD02 - Black Stench - Creeping Sorcery 2xCD
  • AGKCD02 - Black Stench - Creeping Sorcery 2xCD

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And so, the final nail is hammered down into the rotting coffin of the putrid Black Stench.

"Creeping Sorcery", is the first CD release by Avgrundsklanger; a compilation containing all recorded material by the band, which were previously only available on cassette tapes and vinyl records. Comes in a traditional clear double CD jewelcase.

Limited to 100 hand numbered copies.

The full length album that was recently re-released on vinyl is NOT included in this compilation, but still remains available on CD in well sorted distros. Drakkar Productions being one of them, as found here:


Samples can be heard here:

Also to be available from:
Amor Fati Productions (GERMANY)
Drakkar Productions (FRANCE)

- 2020. Avgrundsklanger.


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