The long sold-out split between Kiira and Svartsejd that was released as a limited cassette tape by Avgrundsklanger in very late 2022, is now available once more on the format that was intended for the release from the very beginning...a format that is now seeing a sharp decline, due to an inevitable increase in production costs for the format, to the point where this might be the first and the last 7" that either bands will ever release given the current status of the format dying.

This release was possible by the courtesy of Out of the Dungeon, that went out of their way releasing this, despite the current costs of manufacturing the format, nevertheless completing the vision both bands intended for the release, all the way back in late 2017, when the creative process had started taking on its first forms, only to be completely halted in 2020 as a result of the latest pandemic.

Kiira should not need any introductions at this point. Formed in 2011, carrying the true and only essence of Dark Fenno-Germanic Heathen Black metal since 2015, this project now has a handful of releases. This is the first split released, as well as the newest recorded material of the band. Kiira was formed by Käärmeenkieli (Myling), while Hrabnaz became a part of KIIRA in early 2016. Unlike under normal circumstances, the band acts solely as a duo here, delivering a 7 minute track of blissful, triumphant northern death-bringing icewinds.

Svartsejd is the solo project of Hrabnaz. Formed in 2010, but only surfacing to the public ten years later through the release of a very limited 10" MLP split with Vothana in 2020. Svartsejd now returns with a new track on a new split, this time with the contribution of Käärmeenkieli as a session member. A hymn dedicated to death and the forthcoming end of humanity through the Þursar, Svartsejd delivers stygian, mid-paced Dark Germanic Heathen Black Metal, heavily inspired by Finnish Black Metal acts from the early 2000s, foreshadowing the oncoming era of darkness and torment; Inhale DEATH!

Though the second Kiira album was released after the initial release of this split, this was recorded after the second Kiira album had been recorded.
As of this release and going forward, Hrabnaz is now the vocalist (as well as bassist) of Kiira, meaning both sides of this split has vocals written and performed by the same individual in two different languages.

Only the limited cassette tape version released by Avgrundsklanger contains the lyrics of the songs. This 7" EP on the other hand contains the full artwork, and is exclusively mastered for this vinyl release by H. Sorvali.

- Includes a double sided insert.
- Limited to 300 copies on black vinyl.
- All lyrics written by Hrabnaz for both bands.
- Cover artwork by A. Iblis.
- Layout by Hrabnaz.
- Exclusively mastered for this vinyl edition by H. Sorvali.

- 2023. Out of the Dungeon.


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