Myling - Häxeri Digibook CD

  • Myling - Häxeri Digibook CD
  • Myling - Häxeri Digibook CD

- - - ! R E A D T H E I N F O R M A T I O N U N D E R T H E N E W S A N D
I N F O R M A T I O N T A B B E F O R E P L A C I N G A N O R D E R !- - -

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The debut album by Myling is finally available after many years!

Digi-book CD (~16 x 19,5 cm) format with gold foil relief on brown artificial leather.

Dark Folk Metal and Dark Ambient music!

Co-released by Seiðr of Death Productions (SWE), Amor Fati Productions (GER) and Final Agony Records (USA).

Limited to 500 copies in total.

Sample taken from the remaster on the CD here:

- 2021. Amor Fati/Final Agony/Seiðr of Death Productions.


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