Venerian Dawn - Venerian Dawn 12" MLP

  • Venerian Dawn - Venerian Dawn 12" MLP

Venerian Dawn has remained a somewhat of a hidden gem in the roster of Astral Temple, where those that got their hands on the demo tape back in 2015 praised it to no end, only for it to be sunken into the furthest depths of the underground again.

Mark of Death, a new label hailing from Sweden, decided to change this drastically by releasing said demo on 12" MLP vinyl, along with one bonus track not present on the original demo tape.

A new Venerian Dawn tape will be released through Astral Temple in the coming months as well.

- Re-release of the 2015 demo on 12" MLP.
- Limited to 166 hand-numbered copies.
- Re-mastered for vinyl with one unreleased bonus track.
- New artwork and logo.
- Comes with insert.

- 2021. Mark of Death.


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